Tempered Glass Bathtub Screens

Tempered Glass Bathtub Screens
Product Details


The bathtub door combines a fresh look with a frameless design for amazing value. The bathtub door accentuates the striking curved profile, while the full-length wall profile is easy to install. The elegant curved lines of the bathtub door give a glimmer of refurbishment in your bathroom.

The frameless design gives you plenty of light and maximizes the look of your bathroom with stylish curves and modern style. Updating your bathroom is not easy - or more affordable.

The towel bar on the outer panel adds convenience and functionality.


Safety: After the tempered glass is damaged by external force, it will break into obtuse-angle honeycomb particles, which is not easy to cause corrosion.

Hardness: same thickness, impact strength of tempered glass is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, bending strength.

Model size: walk-in open, ANSI certified transparent tempered glass.

Configuration: fixed panel with revolving door; excellent choice for small bathrooms, sliding doors are not available.

The wall profile allows adjustment for non-vertical; suitable for installation on any straight (non-curved) bathtub.

Fixed panels require support arms for additional stability; Hardware finish: brushed nickel; reversible mounting.