Integral Bathroom Cabinet Vanity

Integral Bathroom Cabinet Vanity
Product Details

Quick Details:

Model Number: LY-F009

Type: Mirrored Cabinets

Item: modern china cabinet

1.15mm PVC main cabinet

2.Slow closing door hinge

3.Ceramic basin

4.High quality mirrors

5.Side cabinet and Towelbar


The cabinet can be made according to the processing technology of wood board. The raw material of the cabinet is PVC crust foam board, and the countertop is similar to the solid wood. It is characterized by good waterproof performance, and the color gloss of the paint is bright and dazzling, suitable for fashionable and avant-garde consumers.

How to prevent moisture:

First of all, when we choose the bathroom cabinet, we not only look at the appearance and shape of the product, but also the interior and rear of the bathroom cabinet. The surface of the bathroom cabinet is coated with a special waterproof coating that is easy to wipe if splashed. However, splashing water on the back and inside of the bathroom cabinet is not easy to wipe and may corrode the material. Many bathroom cabinet manufacturers will do some waterproofing on the back of the bathroom cabinet. It is best to have such protection.

Second, we must keep the air in the bathroom. No matter what kind of material is made in the bathroom cabinet, it will not be eroded for a long time in a humid environment. Even if the bathroom cabinet brand is good and the quality is good, pay attention to the cleanliness. In order to extend the life of the bathroom cabinet, the air circulation between the bathrooms and the drying of the floor are maintained.

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