Good Quality Soaking Bathtub

Good Quality Soaking Bathtub
Product Details

Quick Details:

Model Number: FS0016

Material: Acrylic

Size:1700*850*600mm,Customized is ok

Function: Soaking

Installation Type: Freestanding

Drain Location: Corner


-double-deck acrylic board

-copper feet of tiger shape

-copper drainer

This soaking tub is minimalist without sacrificing comfort. Crafted from a solid acrylic surface, it puts you in a warm, warm basin to relax your body and rejuvenate your spirit. The elegant, individual shape makes you feel happy and turns your bathroom into an exquisite spa.


1.Environmentally friendly

The use of natural raw materials, non-toxic, non-radiative, and recyclable, is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials.

2.Long lasting

The same material inside and outside the product makes the appearance integrated, the water absorption rate is as low as 0.034%, and the service life is long.

3.Rich color choice and texture of natural marble

In addition to the solid color collection, we also offer a collection of natural marble patterns that show beautiful patterns and tinctures.

4.Easy to clean and maintain

Use a sturdy body to polish small scratches and cuts throughout the thickness of the material. Using the same product processing and excellent elastic properties, it is the most resistant to cracking, crushing and cracking.