"Internet + bathroom" three basic laws of throwing

The law, "the Internet +" is not a panacea, but no Internet "+" is totally unacceptable.

If the information society is the latest stage of development of human society, then "Internet +" coming of age is a sign of the master stage. Information society into "the Internet +" era, meant that information, has begun a comprehensive, systematic further development, all areas and at all levels, all aspects covered inside and out into society,. In such a "Internet +" surging of big times in the, bathroom enterprise both deep awareness "Internet +" of landmark meaning and role, decisive active take actual action, cannot free Yu trend zhiwai; and calm awake realized that "Internet +" play role of both inside and outside in and subjective and objective conditions, specific situation specific solution, absolute cannot "vulgarization" or "tiger balm" type put "Internet +" generalization abuse. Therefore, sanitary enterprises must be in the "Internet +" with their own development based on full understanding and grasp of the advantage with a double, down to "Internet +" sprout, producing fruit until the towering trees.

The law, "the Internet +" is not an ornament, externalization to internalization in the heart, to the real thing in action.

"The Internet +" is seeking new normal under new Act, new economic development strategy, is new and optimization of innovative business models, to stimulate enterprise market, creating new growth point, reshaping the economic landscape of tactics. Sanitary enterprises must fully understand the Internet "+" is the unity of road and, is the synthesis of strategies and tactics. Not only a strategic vision, plan and World Affairs will be in fine, precise tactics, work confess to achieve operational effectiveness. If you only pay attention to Internet "+" Word, "Internet +" as a hat over his head on the end, pure pose. As everyone knows, does not go looking for "Internet +" only. Conversely, only emphasizing "Internet +", "+ the Internet" as a "one size fits all", what's wrong with painting, just chipping away, only the symptoms, not the cause. Bastion, the "Internet +" road is to fully implement the "Internet +", creating the Internet's economic development strategy, which is in transformation and upgrading in combination on which firm actively Internet "+" and "+ Internet".

The law of three, "the Internet +" is not automatically achieved, major plus is ready and pioneering innovators.

"The Internet +" to promote the economic and social development can be translated into real productivity, key depends on two things. First, the initiative of the mind, second, action on the comprehensive innovation drive. "The Internet +" is not pie in the sky of the artifact. Whether national, regional, or corporate enterprise, "Internet +" all effort is needed, take time, used great wisdom in order to grow. "The Internet +" from innovation, innovation, innovation does not mean that is connected to the network "+ the Internet." Bathroom business, scientific and technological research and development with independent innovation is the "Internet +" a solid foundation for rapid development. Meanwhile, business model innovation, market segments and market innovation of the crowd are sanitary enterprises in their efforts to focus and orientation.