Bathroom cleaning and sanitizing is around the corner

Many bathroom sanitary ware is essential and our close contacts, but the bathroom is stains accumulated the most family-friendly place, dark and damp are bacteria most beloved living areas. The arrival of bacteria increases our risk of getting sick, so bathroom cleaning sterilization is around the corner, and link is focused on and nip in the bud so bacteria can enter there.

Toilet and bathroom cleaning and disinfection method

Shower: wash with neutral bathtub cleaner, cleaning cloths or bath brush, do not damage the bathtub surface.

Toilet: rust, urine scale, scale, especially the toilet water above the lap, long time accumulation of rust and scale above, disinfection tablets, and worry about above can easily be washed out.

Basins and faucets: regularly clean with neutral detergent to keep clean and bright, otherwise, a long surface gloss will disappear.

Walls, floors: regularly clean with neutral detergent.

Disinfection: all clean all over, should give the bathroom sterilising, choose a suitable disinfectant bathroom cleaning or disinfection tablets drama every curtain fall.