Bathroom planning, three key

PART1: design of wet and dry area

Solution: shower, raised flooring, matching wall

Note: to avoid increasing the burden of Visual

Wet and dry area as the most urgent bathroom design. Indeed, especially for the not very airy bathroom, so wet and dry area how do?

Wet and dry area showers

Than bathtubs, showers will be more suitable for small-bathroom more convenient for family use, and will not add Visual burden for the small area.

Plus floor design

Raised details, was more defined by wet and dry area sanitary level, reducing the moisture of dry zone, while pipelines wanted to hide away. However elderly people at home, then you should take care to try to avoid the height difference on the ground, especially the bathroom wet.

Matching Wall design

Bathroom doesn't have to be a lot of cool white and grey, like the simple design of you, or you can use tile decorations without complex, horizontal stripes of the mosaic had passed out personality, more beauty and design of the bathroom space.

PART2: sink design

Display case: move, wall, hand reset

Note: moisture resistant damp-proof design is important

The sink in the bathroom is the most frequently used, how to look good at the same time realization of Humanized design, design tide anddamp Proofing is very important.

-Splash-proof wet intimate design

Move forward a little sink, use when bending angle will be smaller, relatively comfortable, and also reduce the chance of water base can be achieved.

Wall-mounted design saves space

Wall mounted wash basin is in order to save space. The arc design and wall were merged into one, and extends above the toilet, increasing the design of placing small items, the maximum used space.

Conveniently store safe and practical

More storage space does not mean that need a large wash basin. This "wide on both sides remain wide," design of wash basin, on both sides of the basin wall design, stabilized sink location balance, and leave plenty of room for storage.

PART3: storage design

Solution: storage cabinets, wall storage

Note: coexistence of beauty and practicality

Bathroom small, storage design will be crucial and include categories, corners, and even items placed into consideration.

Embedded wall storage

Clever design, drag can be seen as both doors, doors can also be seen as admission, two birds with one stone, very nice and clean.

Cabinets categories explicitly

Cabinets should be classified clearly, the hidden storage to hide, should also have conveniently placed space can be increased above the bathroom cabinet storage shelf with hooks to facilitate classification of different users, large-capacity storage should take advantage of.

Wall cabinet design

Space is not small, you see how to use, enables the wall, outside the bathroom cabinets, mirrors can be followed include toiletries, toilet seat after the wall cabinets, do the same as the thickness of the tank, terms of use, storage, and is very user-friendly.