Bathroom sanitary ware slip six of safety

Safety features: safety rails

Safety handrails are usually installed for old people and children, can leverage to make use more convenient, but for safety's sake, Xiao bian recommended families in need can be installed. Because you never know when to fall in the bathroom space.

Safety facilities II: absorbent mat

Some families in the bathroom wet junction, placing her feet dry with a towel. Xiao bian recommended can choose a water-absorbing carpets, take away the moisture from your feet.

Security infrastructure: a comfortable water temperature

In cold weather you can soak in a warm bath is the most comfortable thing! But did not notice the water temperature will be burnt, xiaobian recommended water heater can be raised to 40 deg. In this way, even the children open a hot water, will not be burned.

Safety facilities of four: heating equipment

Take a shower on a cold day the most painful, elders also have heart problems, in fact, currently available on the market with the humanization of technology equipment, such as the warm air dryer, it includes features such as ventilation, warm, dry, cool breezes. In cold winter, can maintain a comfortable temperature in the bath, let the kids do not catch cold.

Safety facilities of five: non-slip floor tiles

Covered with slip slate tile flooring can prevent after you get out of the tub or shower, slip happen. If we still like marble material, small series it is recommended to do a special security treatment, such as staggered sandblasted or textured, anti-slip effect.

Safety facilities of six: other equipment

Has elderly child need care of family, General take configuration anti-sliding type of shallow bathtub, protection security and convenient practical; seat will device can select intelligent products, and or select a paragraph help up type toilet, elderly or child using enough power up of when can for they provides power; last in shower aspects, human for water of temperature actually is compared sensitive of, in bathroom between in install thermostat of bathroom leading more comfortable.