Bathroom shower buy a valve core

Water saving products appeared on the market in a few, but not grab substantial market share, compared to water-saving bathroom products bathroom products at high prices, short eyes many consumers wouldn't choose water-saving products, is a province in the long run. When choosing a water-saving showerhead, the shape is on the one hand, on the other hand is the key--shower valve core, choosing to spend more.

1, the key to the heart--the valve core

Three common faucet cartridge on the market: stainless steel ball valve, ceramic valve core and roll axis type valve core. Best is made with ball valve taps, which is a recognized best in our water-saving products. Water-saving faucet is currently using ceramic valve core to improve sealing, you can open and close hundreds of thousands of times without spilling a drop, compared with the old faucet, water-saving 30%~50%. And the latest water saving faucet innovations, you can according to their own needs, adjust or remove installed inside the faucet water saving devices, and freely switch between control of water-saving rate.

2, bronze body and stainless steel

Rusty water pollution by traditional old faucets, pipes, also had to save water in pipes, faucets, copper and stainless steel was the preferred material, mainly because of the high copper media antibiotic effectiveness, stainless steel sanitary, environmental protection, chrome devices easy to care and is harmless to people, but also need to add some other elements in the manufacturing process. Buy faucets must be aware of when equipment is made of what material, after all, not all countries have Germany as standard.

3, understanding water foam effects

Now a lot of showers and faucets will start applying the mixture of air and water technologies, holes of the shower spray inhalation of air with water, generating countless bubbles of water mixed with, and then evenly flows from the spray holes and flow foaming effect, water erosion increases a lot, helps reduce water consumption. According to estimates, washed to achieve the same effect, using air/water hybrid technology than traditional shower shower head can save water up to 10%.

4, again a thermostat and automatic function

Thermostat with automatic features water-saving "artifact". Taps/spent sprinkled if has thermostat function, on can automatically to, and not continuous to make up hydraulic, and water temperature of changes, makes water temperature moments reached user of temperature requirements, reduced temperature transition Shi of fee water consumption; automatic taps on more alone has, in public health between believes everyone are compared common, but quality not clearance of automatically taps will appeared hand left Hou close slow of phenomenon, instead white flow off many water, so, for this items function best can in site do a test.