Filtering faucet: useful

Water is the source of life, and drinking water quality directly affects our physical health, but because of environmental pollution, and poor water quality that we referenced, so many families buy water purifiers, water purifiers clean water is limited, so the faucet filter appear on the market today, then tap filter work? Faucet filter how to change again? Small series with the following to learn about it.

Filtering faucet work?

1, regulating water quality in acid and alkali

The hardness and the pH of water itself, acids or alkalis are human health nuisances, faucet filters, you can adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the water.

2, filter impurities

Water for cities, mostly from water treatment plants, Water Purifier, however this process is used to bleach disinfectant chemicals used will be left after a certain amount of chlorine or ammonia. In tap water during transportation, will pass through a section of the pipe entering our kitchen into our lives, long iron pipe use will inevitably have some rust. For these substances, faucet filters can be a good solution.