Must see bathroom renovation tips

A budget, building materials on the fine thinking and spend our money where it counts Bathroom renovation process, need to buy materials, installation of sanitary fittings are multiple, so when planning renovation budget, it is best to list out all, carefully measure takes the project to avoid budget blunders caused by or affecting the quality of decoration.

1, Bathroom renovations needed to buy materials: toilet need to buy many different kinds of materials, summed up the main building materials, lighting, hardware, fittings and appliances of the five categories. Some of the items listed above are repeated, for example if they wish to install the shower or shower screen room, then there is no need to consider shower, showers, shower doors, if you install bathroom cabinets, you can eliminate bathroom mirrors, racks and other accessories.

Ware, electrical appliances, parts of the budget better, and is more difficult to grasp construction building materials and accessories used for decoration. Building materials budget to plan properly, think about what you want to buy materials, how much material must be in the bathroom when the area and plans prevail.

2, materials budget planning instruments in sanitary room: floor tiles specifications there are several blank room floor tiles, will be based on the actual area to be laying the ground to plan. Bathroom 300x300mm to select or the following specifications are preferred. Such plans are reasonable and can highlight the beauty of space, but also avoid the waste of repeat purchase. When planning floor tiles also take into account the depletion of tiles, in accordance with the General 3% to calculate the consumption, the most reasonable.

3, calculated as: the tiles you want = surface area divided by tile size +3%. accessories are calculated according to per square metre of floor tiles need regular cement 12.5 kg, 34 kg of sand, white cement and 108 glue.

4, bathroom wall building materials budget planning: large demand for bathroom wall tiles, because usually all covered, the calculation method of wall tiles: the tiles you want = (total wall area-window area) divided by tile size +3%. material need also be considered.

5 calculation and floor tiles, ceiling similar dosage calculation, the required number of ceiling panels = ceiling area รท ceiling area +3%.

Second, space saving bathroom decoration space planning

The space in the bathroom, but to accommodate the many wares and accessories, especially small family bathroom, to planning, and make good use of the space layout of the space and the sanitary arrangements.

1, space layout important: toilet according to the toilet area to put out a couple of sanitary ware and plan water pipes and outlet location. Piping circuit to avoid the wall, over the wall the length of planning to consider before construction, dimensions of the pipes in the wall taking into account the paving brick wall after the final size.

2, wet and dry area: rational layout of the bathroom space, use the layout of the separation of dry and wet regions. Dry area that is used in a storage area, such as the storage area for items such as toilet paper, towel, bath towel. Non-drying area is not conducive to storage, mostly shower, toilet, and sink area.

3, master bathroom and public toilet layout: set the master bathroom in the master bedroom of a private nature, owner's Hobby-oriented in design, area should be divided into dry and wet regions, in addition to setting up outside the bath, toilet, wash-basin, could also be considered in a dresser or vanity space. Ci Wei on the set in the living room of a public nature, in terms of functionality in order to use the hygiene and easy cleaning, decoration materials in wear-resistant, easy to clean material.

4, waterproof construction planning: toilet brush waterproof construction with Pu waterproof material, closed water test, leveling the ground three step. Shop brush waterproofing materials, if the use of modified asphalt waterproof coating + glass cloth, then total of jagged asphalt modified by Pu brush three times, and completed only two layers of glass cloth waterproofed. Planning needs of the owners of the materials budget and construction time. If is the use of urethane waterproofing coatings, construction is relatively simple and does not need to Pu paste glass fiber cloth, direct a waterproof coating brushing two to three times.

5 planning need waterproof, waterproof layer height: when doing ground water, waterproof coating and glass fiber cloth brush to the wall from the ground 20-30cm, prevent leaking in the wall and floor joints, and shower area are 1.8 meters waterproof paint to walls or walls painted to prevent leakage in wall. Closed water test: after finishing his primary waterproof, closed water test for 24 hours, after passing the closed water test, to do on a waterproof coating protective layer a layer of cement, and leveling the ground, note that there is a tilt to help drainage. Cement mortar layer, such as dry, you can in laying floor tiles or wall tiles above.

6, ceiling construction planning: bathroom ceiling according to the different shapes, a variety of materials, such as flat-top can use PVC buckle plate, aluminum plate, aluminum plate, together with the light-gauge steel. Ceiling dome type, such as art can choose softer sheets for waterproofing, soft plastic plate, aluminum plate, decorated or decorated with a variety of colored glass. From the normal ceiling height, many houses, bathroom house high is equivalent to the other room, so in order to avoid empty, cold, ceiling height of design between 2.2 m ~2.4 meters. When more than 8 square meters in area, just above the wash basin installed cosmetic Cabinet, farther away from the water hanging storage trunk, or carve out a place to do day-to-day dressing purposes.