Old bathroom a new look with them on the line

A floor to ceiling sliding door to separate wet and dry space

Many old houses or small apartment owners are also worried because the bathroom is too small, how to solve this problem?, where conditions permit, of the wash area is placed in the living room or porch. When you use this design, should pay attention to ensure the wash area and living room or porch of unified design, color should also be consistent with overall decoration color to avoid abrupt.

At this point, sliding door to separate wet and dry space becomes more important, the better choice is a font drop doors, which saves space. This door of cheap, convenient construction and installation is also very convenient and flexible, suitable for long distances, an area of narrow bathroom space, simply select device according to the length of single-chip, dual or three or more doors can be used.

Partially hanging folding doors shower bath balance

Owners also did not set aside a bathtub to complement the bath, in the limited space available at the same time enjoy a bubble bath and shower function. For the purposes of this part of the owners, bath site selection key.

If the original shower, ample space, can be placed directly in the shower room bathtub, and installed on the tub and a half loft style sliding doors, or folding doors. Directly installed on the tub half loft part design can save cost and thermal performance is also better. Compared with I-shaped doors, folding sliding doors are relatively high, but warm and just got better.

Shaped sanitary design corner

For a small bathroom, full use of corner space to enhance efficiency are also important. Many special designs of bathroom products in the market, such as l-shape, polygonal and circular steam showers, bathtubs, etc.

L-shaped sliding door opening can be divided into a right angle and one side into two, choose the right angle into the bathroom area could be more effectively used to expand usage and circular bathtubs are more beautiful, you can also take advantage of General bathroom design corner area hard to deal with.

Wall-mounted bathroom SAG found in space

Modified small apartment bathroom with sunken storage methods: such as bathroom walls is hollowed out, into a shelving units, place debris. In addition, you can also consider wall-mounted bathroom products, such as wall-mounted wash basin, toilet, etc, this bathroom products bathroom products than the average savings about 10 cm of space, make the narrow bathroom more spacious.

Variety of shapes beyond the basin size limits

Square and round washbasins in the bathroom on the market has been alternating fashion, oval, Bowl-shaped, egg-shaped and other shapes of basin became the basin leads. After many years of classic precipitation tapestry, oval or circular basin today, have been able to go beyond mere size limit. Its the perfect curve of excellence, not only multiple perspectives to meet the needs of different type, also to reflect the artistic quality.