Six major blind spot in the shower room decoration

Blind spot: shower room practical

Logically speaking, shower than bathtubs and practical, the owners of many small and medium size of shower is very promising. But easier to shower with plenty of water stains, SOAP stains, for a long time, those cheap metal will rust! 0.3% of tempered glass burst rate, the risk is not as small as the numbers look. From home, it is recommended to spend a little more money explosion-proof handle.

Blind spot II: shower curtain can make it wet and dry separation

Many people believe that, with a shower curtain is a good method to make separation of wet and dry, cheap and easy to clean. But note that stone sills to have a certain height, shower curtain than in the stone sill and pulled the shower curtain in the shower to the stone inside, so as to perfect separation of wet and dry. Moreover, the shower curtain if not clean, easy.

Blind spot III: mosaic in appearance and easy to

Mosaic decorative effect is good, but the material prices and operating costs are more expensive, use mosaic to install towel bars or racks can only select expansion screw method, you cannot use the suction cup. Mosaic bad care, prone to filth. Why mosaic should be used in dry areas on Oh!

Blind spot four: black white surface clean

Black and white bathroom feel new, but black has always been synonymous with stain-resistant. But in the bathroom, this approach is open to question. Bathroom Hair more clearly on the white floor, while black footprints on the obvious. Glass top is also not very good care, even after cleaning wipe any dirt traces are clearly visible.

Blind five: above counter basin beautiful atmosphere

Above counter basin is not practical goods, water spilled out, washing the face at a time have to clean the table, key is there a corner rub! recommends choosing darker wash basin, wash is second, also have a place to wash clothes.

Blind spot six: bathroom and dressing table saves space

Women of cans and can never get enough, some people will make up feature is also integrated into the bathroom. In fact, this is not reasonable. Because the bathroom is a very wet place, will greatly reduce the life of cosmetics.