Bathtub Acrylic Material Analysis

Acrylic bathtub is made of artificial organic material, which is characterized by rich shape, light weight, good surface finish and low price. However, because of the low temperature resistance, low pressure resistance and wear resistance of artificial organic materials, Surface aging shortcomings, therefore acrylic bathtub in use for more than three years of bathtub surface has rarely discoloration. However, some brand manufacturers in the production of imported high brightness, high hardness special Acrylic bathroom plate, to some extent overcome some of the shortcomings of acrylic. If consumers think their use of the bathtub is low, or the house should be redecorated within a few years, acrylic bathtub is more suitable for this kind of consumers because of its good price performance. 

Advantages: cheap cost, good insulation effect, rich and diverse shape. 

Disadvantages: the surface is easy to be painted by hard objects.