Do you want your home to be more emotional?Do you want your home to be more luxurious?Do you want your home to be more comfortable?Do you want to enjoy a leisurely time with your lover?Do you want to have fun with your child?Do you want to enjoy your leisure time?Do you want to feel relaxed when you get home?As long as a simple bathtub can satisfy all your wishes. 

  Acrylic bathtub is made of man-made organic material. It is characterized by rich shape, light weight, good surface finish and low price. However, due to the low temperature resistance of artificial organic materials, poor pressure resistance, non-wear resistance and easy surface aging. Therefore, when the acrylic bathtub is used for more than three years, the surface of the bathtub is rarely discolored. However, some brand manufacturers used imported high-brightness, high-hardness sanitary acrylic sheets to overcome some of the shortcomings of acrylic. If consumers think that they use the bathtub less frequently, or if the house has to be renovated within a few years, then the acrylic bathtub is more suitable for such consumers because of its good price/performance ratio.