"Because we choose CICCO association approved of CICCO technology, production system, product innovation." Wang Wei, Deputy Secretary General of the China Architectural Sanitary Ceramics Association, said at the meeting that the China Ceramic Association bathroom will reformulate the new shower room standard, taking the leading brand of the shower room as a model, while CICCO is one of the most innovative brand in the shower room in the industry, which will be based on the CICCO production system and product quality standards. It's the blueprint.

MR.DAVID YE  the secretary general, said that the State advocates the standardization of innovation driven, and the Association standards will be the authority to measure the development standards of various industries in the future, and the State encourages the formulation of association standards and leaders' standards. Once the shower room standard, the domestic shower room enterprises will participate in the third party sampling, according to the standard level, this will play a supervisory role in the industry and promote the healthy development of the industry.