Daily Clean The Shower Tray And The Walls Are Important

Frist, Clean the walls and trays

1, when cleaning use a soft dry cloth, if you have a small amount of dirt, use a soft cloth or sponge and mild detergent for cleaning stubborn dirt, cleaning alcohol.

2, when using a special detergent for bathroom, must be strictly in accordance with the notes on the correct use of its container, if not wrong use can cause adverse effects, and damage to the product.

3, can not be used with medicines and alkaline solvents, acid, acetone thinner, solvents and scouring powder, otherwise it will cause adverse effects in humans.

Second, periodically to clean the pulley

Push-pull-type shower room there are two pulleys, namely, slides and slide wheel, used to the attention:

1, regular wheels, sliders, slide cleaning and lubrication;

2, regular on the slider adjustment screw, ensure the slider door effective bearing and good slide;

3, to avoid crash gates to avoid falling off.

Maintenance of the three, tempered glass

1 the glass surface to avoid sharp blow or impact, so as to avoid damage;

2, can not be used with corrosive liquids, wipe the glass surface, so as not to damage the gloss;

3, rough material cannot be used to wipe the glass surface to avoid scratches.