Family Bathroom Need Special Attention To Some Of The Issues

(1) when using the heater, don't spray nozzle outlet directly toward the body, and debugging the water temperature to avoid scalding.

(2) use a dedicated power outlet.

(3) prohibition of plug power plug with wet hands, otherwise electric shock accident.

(4) gas water heater at work or just after the exhaust pipe is very hot, which can not be touched, that surrounds the place combustibles.

(5), shall not under any circumstance use other kinds of gas that is inconsistent with the heater nameplate marking requirements.

(6) after using the water freezing in the winter. When the outdoor temperature is below 0 c, the machine's water inlet on/off valve should be closed, open the outlet valve and position the nozzle close to the ground, unscrew the pressure relief valve at the outlet of the machine, and remove the inlet water, water from freezing. (7) after use, going out, or before I go to sleep, turn off gas valves.