How To Clean The Shower Room

After use Shower room some time, you can not avoid the need to clean,how clean should be more relaxed?

1, you can use vinegar and salt mixture for washing, it will not take long to remove the stains. You can also use glassware cleaning solution to the bathroom glass coated again, and then wipe with a toothbrush again, with warm water or a little hot water to clean up the scrub on it. 

2, for the shower room glass on the water stains, scraping with glass scraping can remove the water stains on the glass, neither a waste of time, but also very laborious. If there is no glass scraping, you can go to the nearby supermarket to buy one. 

3, shower room, if there is a yellow water stains, then you can use glass cleaner spray up, and then wipe the yellow water with a rag, immediately you can put the glass on the yellow water wipe clean. Usually bath or no bath, but also to keep the shower room clean, often with water for cleaning, keep clean. There are other shower room small parts, are basically belong to the hardware category, do not use cleaners and clean water to clean up, easily lead to surface corrosion of small parts, the appearance of falling off, etc., or the best use of dry wipes on the hardware Accessories for cleaning. 

4, shower room to carry out daily cleaning, the water sprayed on the glass surface, wipe with a rag, wet and wet cloth can be, so that you can keep the shower room glass long bright. Can not use hard things to get the glass, easy to cause the safety of the glass problem, one will pay attention to danger.

First of all, to understand the material of the shower door. We generally made the time, is designed in the 8MM, 10MM tempered glass to cut off the material, and then use aluminum or stainless steel material with the fall wheel to complete the function of the entire shower door. Get the water pipe or shower, facing the glass shower door for random spray again, so that the glass surface can be filled with water. If the glass dry to clean, so very difficult, and the glass is also easy to be rags abrasions, traces.

    Then we found the washing powder facing the upper part of the glass, remember that the upper part of the spray began to spray, so that the washing powder to stick to the glass door above, wait about 3 minutes, so that the enzyme in the detergent reaction. Then wipe the glass with a rag from the top. 

Then you will find a lot of bubbles appear, do not worry about continuing work, waiting for the whole glass are finished, and then rub the other side of the glass. Otherwise one side clean, the other side is not clean is very ugly. 

    Finally, with a clean water, or shower from the beginning to rinse spray. So that washing powder, bubble all washed out, then the glass is very clean and transparent.

    If not enough clean, then you can add a process is to use clean lantern or glass cleaner, to open the tap water, dilute some of the later, got a small sweep, from above to the next sweep, and finally with water Flush again. 

    Finally, if you need to dry the glass, you can use a dry rag to wipe, of course, if the family has a newspaper, with the newspaper to rub is the most beautiful, and there will be no problem of hair removal, because the newspaper water absorption is better, and The paper's fibers are very close.