Install The Shower Room 11 Points To Note

1, shower room size of embedded hole location should be in front of the toilet before the renovation work is planned, leakage protection switch wiring devices should consider before shower installation, avoid rework;

2, shower room packed after opening, please position the smooth glass vertically against a wall, horizontally or uneven places could lead to glass breakage, resulting in property damage or personal injury;

3, carrying, handling easily broken glass shower room level, must be vertical and carried out by two or more persons at the same time handling;

4, cigarette burning, such as fire damage to spray or glass, be sure to stay away from the source of fire, avoid benzene, paints, paint cleaners, such as strong organic solvent exposure, such as accidental contact may cause surface softening, melting and so on compromise product quality;

5, acrylic products began to soften when heated to 100 c, so avoid storing temperature 80 ℃ or above or use;

6, never use scouring powder, wipe, scouring powder will corrode the surface, reducing the surface smoothness;

7, use water or neutral detergent to clean surface, stains that cannot be removed, cleaning cloth impregnated with alcohol stains available;

8, and wall body of anti-infiltration processing: real estate company of rough room wall body is not after waterproof processing of, in posted magnetic brick Qian should prior scraping a layer anti-infiltration cement then again posted magnetic brick, posted finished magnetic brick Hou should requirements decoration workers on magnetic brick sewing for wall sewing processing, such can avoid bathroom of water through brick sewing penetration to outside wall, from by trouble of bitter.

9, drainage and drain: toilet deodorant and prevention of infectious diseases, State buildings must have sunken pools goose neck curved tube design, bathroom drainage has been placed on the ground level, but water seepage on ground or water through a water pipeline, the entire bathroom recessed pools filled with dirty water, and water all around or over the walls into the room corner or penetrate below. Concave bottom pool should be set so the secondary drain, shave in ground seepage cement floor tile seams, if home improvement level I and II drainage system, from the troubles in the future.

10, when you use the silicone seal, do not use silicone coating on the surface of acrylic sanitary ware. If not carefully coated with a little remember not to rush to wipe, which is more difficult to remove and should be gently removed after curing, do not scratch hard objects, otherwise it will cause damage to the surface. Tray after installation, silicone is fully cured and then use the (silicone curing time is 24 hours);

11, the appearance of the shower room after installation need clean and light, sliding door and sliding door either parallel or perpendicular to each other, zygomorphic, sliding door to open and close smoothly, no gap, no 滲 water, shower rooms and tray sealing with silicone seal;