Installation Method Of Shower Enclosure

    shower enclosure space structure is simple, comfortable and clean, suitable for modern people's way of life. The biggest advantage of easy to install the shower enclosure is to save the indoor space. Below to collect a number of shower enclosure installation effect diagram and some of the installation tips.

    The installation of shower base:

    First open the shower enclosure after the packing materials are good security, to prevent the fall of damage, but also pay attention to not touch other things, especially the glass, it is easy to broken, when handling the best of more than two people at the same time carry, be careful. Then you are ready to install the shower base, basin of each parts assembly bottom, the shower base to adjust the horizontal position, and inside wipe clean with a cloth, to ensure that there is no water hose. With the distance of expansion, will be firmly connected. And the pelvic floor drain should be installed after the water testing, to ensure the drainage unobstructed.

    The installation of glass and racks:

    Use a pencil box ruler to find the position with the impact of drilling holes in the wall, and then type the particles on the laying of the hole, screw the lock on the wall. The aluminum glass clip at the hole in the bottom locked basin, and then find the corresponding position of drilling screws. In a fixed glass top mounted (straight mouth / oblique mouth) the fixed seat is connected with the pipe. Good pipe jacking sleeve to be fixed on the glass top, finally the quasi position installation rack, tighten the nut plate, fixed plate glass, keep vertical and horizontal

    The installation of glass door:

    Hardware installed door hinges, will be installed on the fixed door reserved hole. The shaft core position adjustment after installed close to the lotus leaf, feel the best so far. Then in accordance with the requirements of installation of suction or water retaining strip on the side or bottom of glass. With aluminum and silica glass wall, and the bottom basin at the seams close joint.

    Check and test:

    The check whether the use of comfortable and smooth, found that the problem should be timely adjusted. After adjustment of the corresponding tightening screw, so that the whole shower room will be more solid. Decorative aluminum strips are clamped in the wall of aluminum, ensure the appearance and elegant. Finally the whole shower room by dishcloth wipe dry.