Old Bathroom Why The Market Ignored

Well-old homes of the elderly neglected bathrooms are hard to find the traces

Children home within supermarkets everywhere flowering, old home is a blank. Reporters visited several more well-known home store, sells household brands have hundreds of large and small. But after the round, reporters not found exclusively in the bathrooms of the elderly. Currently doing good business on the market only products can be broadly categorized according to soft, and not tailored specifically for elderly facilities, for whether a product complies with the elderly aesthetic physiological stage, their suitability for the elderly and so on will not be taken care of.

In the sanitary market, bathroom products aimed specifically at older people is also very small. A brand sales staff told reporters that the brand has a constant temperature of sanitary products more suitable for the elderly, but not specifically. "There is a shower set to set the temperature of the bath water to prevent hot water burns. Although it is not specifically designed, but also tend to the needs of older persons. ”

Exclusive demand is clearly older bathroom "cake" hard to swallow

Old bathroom is very rare in the market, and the biggest reason is the exclusive needs of old age is not clear. Market older phones may be because older people to appear on the phone's exclusive demand is clear. Many businesses take into account older persons sight, hearing produced a simple, durable, easy to operate, Bell is very big, digital screen display is large, prices in the hundreds of old mobile phone. While in the bathroom industry, exclusive needs of the elderly and adults make much difference, just comfort, safety is on the distinction.