Raiders Of The Purchase About Shower Room

    Shower room due to affordable, simple to install, full featured usher in a lot of consumers, but the complexity of the function and let consumers in the choice of difficult to grasp. Experts believe that some multi-function shower room is inevitable concept of speculation phenomenon, should pay attention to purchase.

    The first is the style. Shower room style there are many, mainly vertical angular shower room and a shaped bath screen, bath on the bath screen. The time of purchase must be based on the size of their family room space to choose the size of the overall shower room.

    The second is the material.Shower room with top and bottom spray, and an increase of automatic cleaning function.Made up of sauna system, shower system, physical therapy massage system.Sauna system is mainly through the shower room at the bottom of the independent steam holes emitting steam, and can be placed in the drug box to enjoy medicated bath health care in order to achieve the purpose of health. Physical therapy massage system is mainly through the shower room wall acupuncture massage hole water, the pressure of water on the human body massage. General single shower room has about 12 massage holes, double can achieve 16 massage holes. These are the most basic functions of the shower room. Conventional shower room features the main electronic exhaust, manual acupuncture massage bath, shower, answer the phone, oxygen, sterilization, foot massage. The multi-function computer shower in addition to the above functions, but also in the sauna while listening to radio broadcast or enjoy the CD, and not only can answer the phone, you can also call.