Shower Cleaning And Maintenance Tips, Shu Shu Shuangshuang, You Take A Bath

No matter how good quality glass shower room renovation renderings), distant look clean and bright, but look closely will find a lot of dirt. Even more disturbing is, no matter how clean, it's hard to reach the level of clean and bright, especially the water stains on the glass, particularly difficult to remove, flange bath shower small make up the King today to offer you several simple methods, relax with readily available tools to remove stain glass!

Bathroom glass cleaning method 1:

Pour some shampoo into the basin, mixing evenly, with a cloth dipped in, so that the glass door very clean and bright.

Bathroom glass cleaning method 2:

Glass doors coated with chalk or gypsum powder water beforehand, glass drying directly wipe clean with a dry cloth, to remove stains, wipe the glass clean.

Bathroom glass cleaning method 3:

Old and dirt deposited on the glass door corner cleaning available for half and half with water and mix thoroughly, placed within the watering can, spray on the glass, and then gently wipe with old newspapers.

Bathroom glass cleaning method 4:

Occasionally will have black spots on the glass door, you can wipe clean with a cloth moistened with some toothpaste.

Bathroom glass cleaning method 5:

Use plastic wrap wet cloth and spray the detergent can also often oil-stained glass door "reborn". First of all, the glass door full spray cleaner, was fitted with plastic wrap so that solidified oil softens. Ten minutes later, tore off the cling film, then wipe with a damp cloth.

Bathroom glass cleaning method 6:

Mirror is stained with oil, cloth, take tea cleansing, but don't let the water soak into the edges of the mirror or back to avoid damaging the coating on the back of the mirror. Use a soft cloth or gauze dipped in paraffin or wax to clean, do not directly wipe with a damp cloth, or mirror will be more ambiguous.