Our company was founded in 2012, specialized in  Sanitary Ware. Our product hold high reputation by the clients in the world wide with the high quality and favorable price. Please let us know immediately if you are interested in our products.

    Shower  Encloseure is a fashionable shower room with simple structure, independent and simple space and full penetration, because of its simple, comfortable and clean shower experience. The glass of this product is transparent glass, and the door of  this  product crane sliding door. It's color is chrome. It belongs to  adjustable aluminum alloy.  Compared with the integral shower room, the space is relatively independent and concise, with strong permeability, and does not block the effect of the integral tile paving in the bathroom. In addition, its price is much more favorable than the overall shower room and other complex products, and the style is rich, can customize the shower room according to the actual situation of the toilet.