Shower Enclosure And Shower Room

    Shower enclosure:is the most common and most popular shower category. Compared with the shower room, shower enclosure is usually without "roof", has rich style, multi-use glass and metal combination, the basic structure is the bottom basin or bottom (bottom pot or bottom of the ceramic texture, acrylic , Artificial stone, natural stone, etc.), with toughened glass partition doors constitute the shower enclosure. Shower screen is the simplest shower enclosure, which includes a bottom made of acrylic material and aluminum alloy, glass enclosed screens, mainly play the role of wet and dry separation to keep the bathroom clean. Shower enclosure on the market both fixed specifications, but also according to the size of their own bathroom customized special specifications, can be applied to different sizes of the bathroom. Shower enclosure is the most traditional shower category, in addition to most of the bathroom brand has launched, there are many art glass brand also introduced to the art glass for the material shower enclosureproducts.

    Shower room:Relatively shower enclosure, the function will be more, can be divided into two kinds of steam and no steam, the basic structure of the chassis plus the fence. The whole shower room without steam is mainly composed of shower unit, shower body, shower screen, top cover and bottom basin. The whole shower room with steam function is also called steam room. It is mainly a steam generating unit , Comes with steam sauna function (also sub-dry steam and wet steam). The overall chassis of the shower room is made of diamond, acrylic, fiberglass and so on. The fence frame is made of aluminum alloy. The door is made of PS plastic board, FRP board or tempered glass. There are a few dry steam rooms. The overall shower room is also a more traditional shower products, basically most of the bathroom brand has similar products. However, in addition to the two overall shower room, in recent years the rise of a collection of wash basins, toilets, showers and even bath tub, the equivalent of covering the entire bathroom, also known as integrated toilet.