Shower Glass:The Thicker,The Better?

    Now many families have a bathroom shower room. Shower room to prevent water splashing bath, the floor and the surrounding facilities are wet. But the shower room glass thickness should be how much is appropriate?

    Shower room glass shower room as the main body directly affect the life of the shower room. For the shower room thickness, of which 6mm, 8mm, 10mm thickness of the most common. But many consumers will be more inclined to choose a thicker glass thickness. In fact, the shower glass is thicker the better?

    As for the thickness of the right it? Shower products on the market in different shapes, there are semi-curved linear, the thickness of the glass and the shape of the shower room. For example, arc type, the shape of the glass requirements, the general 6mm appropriate, too thick to make a model is not suitable. If you choose a linear shape of the shower room, you can choose 8mm size, or 10mm size. But need to be reminded that, with the increase in the thickness of the glass, the overall weight is also a corresponding increase, which related to the quality of hardware have higher requirements. But if you buy 8 ~ 10mm thick glass, we also require the pulley with better quality.

    So shower glass is not thicker the better.