Shower Room Can Also Be Used


1, shower room size of embedded hole location should be in front of the toilet before the renovation work is planned.

2, installed water supply systems and the best tile custom shower room.

3, leakage protection switch wiring devices should be considered before installation in the bathing room, avoid rework.

4, shower room style bathroom layouts, and common type of corner and a font.

5, when you install the shower should be installed strictly according to the Assembly process.

6, shower room must be connected with the building firm, not rock.

7, open shower room have to use expansion bolts, hollow wall fixing, and non-draining, water tray memory not more than 500 g.

8, shower room appearance required after installation clean and light, sliding door and sliding door either parallel or perpendicular to each other, zygomorphic, sliding door to open and close smoothly, crevice-free, impermeable, sealed with silicone seal between the shower and basin at the end of it.

Maintenance Guide


While cleaning the shower walls and basin at the end of, use a soft dry cloth. Slight dirt, use a soft cloth or sponge and mild detergent for cleaning in hard dirt is cleared, please use alcohol to clean.

Do not clean using the following items: the acid and alkaline solvents, chemicals (hydrochloric acid), acetone thinner, solvents, scouring powder, otherwise it will have an adverse impact on the human body, and could result in some adverse situations.

Maintenance Guide

1, sliding shower doors, there are slides and sliding wheels in two ways.

2, pulleys, the problems should be noticed in using a slider:

First, avoid collisions below door, so as to avoid door fall off;

Second, note that periodically clean the Rails, wheels, sliders, and lubrication (oil or lubricating wax);

Three are regularly adjusting the slider adjustment screw, ensure effective slider door bearing and good sliding.