Shower Room Glass Corner Easy To Explode

    The reason:the most vulnerable glass edge by external attack will blew. The main reason is that the quality of glass, but off, with more impurities led to the stress intensity of glass is weakened. In addition, the installation of metal parts and glass contact position is not clamped cushion as a buffer, leading to metal friction with the glass and so will cause blew. (Source: decoration design considerations)

     The precaution:properly install the glass door. Installation should pay special attention to metal parts and glass do not direct contact between the two to be clamped on the cushion as a buffer. For the glass paste explosion-proof membrane. The role of explosion-proof membrane is not to prevent the glass blew, but in the glass blew when the glass ballast splash around not to cause personal injury. Even if the explosion-proof membrane attached to the glass will not immediately blew off, but the whole piece to maintain the status quo, but can see the rupture of the lines after the glass. Tempered glass from the center to gradually reduce the intensity around, so to focus on protecting the edge of the glass, to avoid sharp objects hit the corners. Once found on the small cracks in the glass, do not deal with their own, immediately looking for businesses to replace the whole piece of glass.

    Last but not least:must look at whether the glass with a "3C" certification logo, if not, then be careful.