Small Bathroom Design

Raiders, color

Dark water, dark dark toilet and tub, placed in the large bathroom is a visual effect, but placed in a small, cramped bathroom, but could backfire. Small bathroom renovation is best used when the classic white, with a personality of bathroom facilities. Although the space is small, but bright enough, and bright enough, enough!

Best in small bathrooms with sliding doors, the traditional opening of floor space. In addition to moving outside door is a good choice, can to a large extent the door takes up minimum space. At the individual level, sliding doors are also more fashionable.

Second, a bracket-shaped basin design

Bracket-shaped basin (basin renovation renderings) design greatly saves bathroom space, ideal for small bathrooms. Shortcomings of the bracket-shaped basin is that its storage function is not very strong. But can be appropriate to exaggerate the table area to cover, storage of necessary toiletries are no problem!

Grey, cold is a good reflective effect. Soft white, pastel colors and neutral colors can make your bathroom more sense of space. Wood, wall, and if painted and the walls the same color, they will "disappear" is the room more spacious. If the color of cabinets and countertops and walls are the same, this space will be more obvious. In order to increase the sense of space while maintaining spatial differences, slightly on the color of the same color, you can choose to use their brains. Wall light, ceiling color lighter than the wall color to be used, this combination will make the room look larger.

Third, look upwards traction

Higher ceilings in the Visual sense. Vertical stripes on the walls can make the ceiling look higher. At the junction of walls and ceilings, beams, wallpaper, trimming if designed properly will increase the sense of space in the vertical direction! when you select a wallpaper, try to choose a fresh, simple lattice, small prints, patterns and avoid large or complex patterns.

Window in a small bathroom designs as simple as possible the principles to be followed, no matter what size or style of the window. Window transmittance as well as possible increases the Visual sense of space. If only that was possible, bathroom window can be a single selection of frosted glass. Simple shutter curtains, good light transmission and keeps the window transparency and ensure the privacy of the bathroom, is also a good choice.

Mirror image effect can greatly increase the sense of space in the bathroom. In the narrow bathroom, set along the wall mirrors can change the sense of the proportions of the room right away, and make the room look wider. In the bathroom, small bathroom, mirrors are indispensable. Two mirrors standing, can create a sense of infinite space. Shower room's door if you choose clear glass, will have a very good visual effect. To try shower curtain home bath into a clear glass door!