The Daily Maintenance Of Shower Enclosure

    Many consumers have questions about how to use the shower enclosure to buy home, how to maintain it?High quality products also need to post maintenance, cleaning and maintenance of the shower enclosure is also very important.

    1.The maintenance of tempered glass

    Do not hit the glass surface with sharp objects, so as to avoid damage; do not use corrosive liquid to wipe the glass surface; do not use rough material to wipe the glass surface, in order to avoid scratches.

    2.Maintenance of aluminum alloy frame

    (1) to prevent direct sunlight and the sun, otherwise it will cause the spray layer fade;   

    (2) can not be used to wipe the corrosive liquid or material;

    (3) can not use rough materials (including toothpaste) wipe the surface;

    (4) can not be used to describe the surface of sharp objects, if the surface of aluminum stains, with a neutral detergent solution to wipe.

    3.Maintenance of hardware accessories

    The pulley, slider should be taken to avoid the collision force door in use, so as to avoid the door off; pay attention to regular cleaning, slide pulley, slider, lubrication (oil or lubricating wax); adjusting screw regularly adjust the slider, the slider to ensure activities effective bearing and good sliding door.

    4.The maintenance of tray

    Do not use sharp objects or strike acrylic surface, so as to avoid the damage; don't wipe the surface of acrylic with corrosive liquid, so as not to damage the surface gloss; don't wipe the surface with rough acrylic material, in order to avoid scratches; clean shower room walls and bottom basin, should use a soft dry cloth. If there is a slight dirt, please use a soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral detergent cleaning, in the removal of stubborn dirt, please use alcohol to remove.