Bath time is the most relaxing time of the day. You can let your tired body take a break and eliminate the fatigue of a day's work. Of course, the pleasant mood is also inseparable from the design of the shower room. The shower room is an indispensable part of the bathroom, so how do we choose the right shower room? The following will bring you the choice of bathroom shower room for your reference.
1, do the wiring
It is suitable for the shower room of the bathroom. It is designed before the decoration of the bathroom, and the wiring is arranged in advance, and the protection switch device is set to avoid the leakage hazard in the future use and endanger its own safety.
2, size selection
When choosing the size of the shower room, be sure to pay attention to the choice of the appropriate product according to the size and height of the bathroom. Unsuitable matching will give people an uncomfortable feeling. The shower room is generally about 2.1 meters, and it needs to be added 10 cm when installing, and you need to consider the height of your bathroom.
3, glass selection
The choice of glass in the shower room is crucial, but not as thicker the glass. Generally speaking, the glass of the swing door shower room is relatively large and the relative stability is relatively poor, so it should be chosen to be slightly thicker, preferably more than 5 cm.
4, anti-seepage treatment
Although everyone will do some waterproof work before decorating the bathroom, the shower room is the most concentrated area of water, so each area can not be underestimated. After installing the shower room, pay more attention to the water seepage in the bathroom, so as not to use it later. Inconvenience caused.
5, regular products
In the installation of the bathroom shower room, the most basic and most important point is that you must buy regular products, do not want to buy cheap, but to buy brand shower room and after-sales service products, 3c certificate, quality inspection certificate Patent certificates are essential to ensure safe use.