The Tap Selection And Purchase

Tap in the bathroom is now essential; taps into chrome plating, chrome and gold and white porcelain. Then tap selection and purchase, our reference standard should be from the tap appearance, style, and material aspects of this analysis to buy.

When selected, bright with no bubbles, no defects, no scratches as a qualified scale. Only ordinary tap more than 10 microns coating with the aim of anti-rust, appearance, ensure that the use of the term. Experts have revealed, chosen with your fingers click on faucet surfaces, fingerprints quickly dispersed, means coating good; more fingerprints printed more spend less. After the appearance of selected, and taste faucet handle, switch smoothly, up and down to adjust the water temperature switch can not be generally reach 30 degrees up and down, left and right 90 degrees is the best. However, we must pay attention to, the leading light does not mean that feel good.

Faucets on the market today is generally divided into two styles, single handle faucet, and double-handle faucet, single handle faucet with only one hole, but double handle also can be divided into four-inch hole and two eight-inch hole, which can be set according to the model purchased basin.

Basin leading and kitchen leading general are loaded in table Shang, so it of into pipes can for hard tube and hose two species, length General in 35 cm around, to easy connection, in household pipes and taps into pipes of convergence at required installation a valve, this valve said as triangle valve, in purchase taps of while do don't forget has with distribution good, or will again run once has, and triangle valve has different of size, to according to you by buy of taps into pipes of size and set, General has 3 points and 4 points two species. Also be noted when installing the triangle valve not installed too low to avoid tap water inlet pipe is not long enough, can't take over and cause unnecessary trouble, usually mounted at a distance of about 50 to 60 cm.