What Are Shower Hardware Accessories

Now many people will build in the bathroom a shower room of their own, that you know what are shower room accessories hardware it? let xiaobian come today to tell you about it.

Copper and stainless steel shower hardware accessories are used are 59# 304 stainless steel and copper. Selection 59# copper wall clamps, hinges, hardness, flexibility, one of the best, high bearing capacity, effective protection of performance and service life of the shower room, despite the high cost, long service life. The plating layer thickness of copper fittings 11um, and through the 24-hour acid salt spray test, surface plating quality up to ten or more, with no black spots on the surface for a long time, bubbles, the delamination phenomena such as showers of stainless steel material chosen for the industry-best 304 stainless steel.

Stainless steel fittings are their own mold design, selecting standard 304 stainless steel materials, advanced processing equipment, to a mirror effect, has a strong metal texture.

Components categories: eccentric PXL, bouncing round of TTL, swing BDL and the pendulum wheel DBSL, spring two-wheeled TTSL, drum wheels YGL, drum double YGSL; single, double, four-wheel suspension, Mandarin ducks hanging and so on.

Fittings: stainless steel, chrome steel bearings pulley bearing pulley series series, rust-proof mixing roller, metal and plastic accessories.

Non-standard bearings, stainless steel balls, precision metric steel ball bearing steel.

Bathroom shower hardware fittings and feature details

Sand aluminium alloy frame is light silver, silver, Matt silver, drawing of the select, can be equipped with color aluminum based and low basins, glass optical glass and blue glass in two ways. Bath's style is not only diverse and increasingly sophisticated, a variety of tub style, materials, washbasin forms changed the style of shape, toilet, shower, cabinets of rich and diverse.

Bathroom equipment selected should be personal habits and functional use needs to take into account, in addition, the distribution Division of space can also be purchase evaluation factors. Because the spatial distribution of size, pattern, the selection of bathroom style is very important.

When considering the style of bathroom equipment, in addition to their aesthetic preferences in addition to space match, fusion of color, is also the assessment of points.

High hardness, strong bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance, while beautiful and upscale, easy maintenance, long service life. And many shower manufacturers, the 202# is used in stainless steel, corrosion-resistant ability, the service life is affected and some factories for 202# stainless steel plating is not rust, quality can not be compared with the 304# stainless steel. While 304# stainless steel texture is hard and difficult process, high costs, some manufacturers use brass plated fittings.