What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Installing A Bathtub?

1.all kinds of bathtubs cold, hot water faucet or mixed faucet height should be higher than the bath on the plane 150mm. Installation should not damage the chrome layer. Chrome cover and wall should be close.

2.the installation of skirt bath, the bottom of the skirt should be close to the ground, the floor in the drainage should be reserved for 250 ~ 300mm hole, easy to install, in the bathtub drainage wall set the maintenance hole.

3. other types of bathtubs can be based on the relevant standards or user needs to determine the bath on the plane height. Then build two bathtubs and install the bathtub. Such as the side of the bathtub pendulum wall, should be set in the bath drainage hole or in the drainage side of the wall to open the maintenance hole.

4. the installation of the plane on the plane must be checked with the level of leveling, not sideways. Bath mouth side of the mouth with the wall at the junction of the application of sealing paste filled with dense.

5.fixed shower, hose shower height according to the relevant standards or according to user needs to install.

6.Do not damage the waterproof layer. Has been damaged or no waterproof layer, first made waterproof, and after 12 hours of water leakage test.

7.bathtub drainage and drainage pipe connection should be solid and dense, and easy to disassemble, the connection shall not be exposed.

8. pay attention to finished product protection, to prevent bumps. Fixed firmly, tight pipe interface.