You Should Know About Shower Enclosure

    Shower enclosure is different from shower room.shower enclosure without the "roof",rich in style.Shower enclosure structure is relatively simple,our company provide customized shower enclosure service.

    The basic structure of shower enclosure is at the end of a basin or artificial stone sill or natural stone sill,pan texture ceramics,acrylic.artificial stone,sill or pan installed on the plastic or glass shower room, glass door with ordinary glass, high-quality tempered glass, toughened glass and wove ripple glass and other materials.

    Shower enclosure mostly is made of tempered glass,frame Aluminum Alloy,basined for acrylic composite or stone base station etc...Shower enclosure has sipmle structure with basical bath function completely.Compared with the steam shower room,the space is relatively independent and simple, transparent and strong, does not block the bathroom of the overall tile shop effect. In addition, its price is relative to the overall shower room and other complex products to be much more favorable, but also rich in style, can be customized according to the actual situation of the bathroom shower room. But simple shower room without a roof, the warmth is relatively not very good.