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There aren't too many decorative accessories for you to use.

Simple and casual fashion while maximizing its practicality.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) certified transparent tempered safety glass provides you with a safe use.

All polished chrome hardware and rails feature clear specular reflection for improved overall bathroom levels.

An extra-wide chrome-plated aluminum frame for a solid, stable structure.

Easy to install, there are not many accessories here, the shower door is frame-shaped, the structure is simple, modern and fashionable, very easy to install.

At the same time establish a good waterproof barrier. Help your bathroom stay clean and tidy.

Reduce noise. Keep silent every time you turn it on and off.

High temperature resistance, good elasticity, and maintain shape even after long-term immersion.

Open Style

folding door (hinge door)


(900-1020)*1850mm,other height is OK.



1.Thickness: 6mm,8mm,10mm 

2.1 folding glass,1 fix glass

3.surface finishing: clear, frosted, easyclean, mirror, pattern.

Aluminum frame

1. Thickness: 1-1.2mm

2. Surface finishing: Chrome/brushed/Stain/Sand-sliver/white.

3. Adjustment: 20mm of one aluminum profile.

4. Features:Sc


1. Chrome surface

2. Copper hinge

3. Zinc alloy handle


with tray