Wet Room Shower Glass Door

Wet Room Shower Glass Door
Product Details

Quick Details:

  • Model Number: 810A

  • Tray Material: ABS

  • Type: Shower Cabins

  • Frame Style: With Frame

  • Frame Material: Aluminium

  • Frame Surface Finishing: Polished

  • Glass Thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm

  • Open Style: Sliding

  • Tray Shape: Sector


Model Number: 


Glass finish:

Easy cleaning,clear

Tray Material:



Shower room

Appearance Style:


Frame surface finishing:


Frame Style:

With frame

Frame Material:

Shining chrome aluminum

Open Style:


Aluminium type for choice:

Chrome,silver,white paint,black paint




1.4mm transparent front glass

2.Satin painted aluminum frame

3.ABS back panel,top roof and high shower tray

4.Brass faucet with 4-way diverter

5.Top shower,shower head,foot massage and massage jets

6.Control panel for top light,background star lights,exhaust fan and radio

7.Shelf and mirror 

Standard package:Air bubble bag inside, carton outside


-glass thickness (

-glass type (clear,gray,frosted,white stripe)

-interest in accessories and match colour

Electrical equipment inspected in 100%

Consumer self-assemble (DIY)


Tempered glass: 

A. Safety: When the tempered glass is damaged by external force, it will break into obtuse-angle honeycomb particles, which is not easy to cause turbidity.

B. Hardness: The same thickness, the impact strength of tempered glass is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, and the same is true for bending strength.

C. Stability: Tempered glass has good thermal stability and can withstand temperature changes of 200°.


1. High strength and good safety.

2. Good anti-aging properties remain transparent for a long time.

3. Art is not affected.

4. The bathtub is not permanently corroded or deformed.

5. The cutting plane has no delamination or cutting burrs.

6. The drainage horse did not leak.

7. The bathtub surface is smooth, the color is even, the chassis is strong and firm.

8. Standard packaging: outer packaging: high-strength carton.