Modern Curved Shower Door Rollers

Modern Curved Shower Door Rollers
Product Details

Quick Details:

  • Model Number: WKI304

  • Frame Style: Frameless

  • Glass Thickness: 6mm

  • Open Style: Hinge

  • WHITE: transparent


1. tempered safety glass 
2. size: 70X70,80X80,90X90CM 

-6mm tempered safe glass

-STARDAND SIZE:  70X70,80X80,90X90CM  

Consumer self-assemble (DIY)

Suitable for most shower rooms.

This bathtub shell roller is made of nylon. It has an oval edge design with threads. It is equipped with fasteners for quick and easy installation.

The rollers are attached to the top and bottom of the shower door to provide smooth running when you open and close the shower door, so you can move the bathtub to wherever you want.

Nylon pulley, light weight, good wear resistance, long service life, no friction sparks, safe for long-term use.

The most environmentally friendly roller is easy to install and use without damaging your glass door.