OEM Walk In Shower Glass Door

Product Details


Frameless design: Make your bathroom more modern and bright, and use the shower door handle to slide easily.

Waterproof seal: The high quality seal prevents water from leaking and makes the outside of the bathroom dry and clean.

Hardware surface treatment: brushed nickel; structural positioning: adjust the width.

It has modern innovation, superior quality and a unique look that you can't ignore.

Thick, certified clear glass gives you a safe use.

All hardware materials are stainless steel, which improves the level and safety factor of the entire shower door.

The large eccentric wheel creates a smooth, quiet sliding operation on the upper rail.

In addition, it has the ability to finely adjust the level of glass.

The positioner has a rubber ring to avoid collisions and also reduces wear.

Specially designed rollers make the door closed smoothly and easily.

The split door handle is mounted on pre-drilled glass.

Details Of shower glass door C6056:



Open Style

walk in


(90-120)*30*190cm,other height is OK.



1. Thickness: 6mm,8mm,10mm  

2. 2 sliding glass+2fixed glass  

3. surface finishing: clear,frosted,easy clean,mirror,pattern.

Aluminum frame

1. Thickness: 1-1.2mm

2. Surface finishing: Chrome/brushed/Stain/Sand-sliver/white.

3. Adjustment: 20mm of one aluminum profile.

4. Features:Screw conceals design and decorative cover on the top.


1.Chrome surface

2.Copper hinge

3.Zinc alloy handle


without tray