Message Whirlpool Bathtub Cover

Message Whirlpool Bathtub Cover
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1.Rated voltage:AC220v

1.Acrylic tub

2.Rated frequency:LF50HZ

2.Stainless steel bracket:1set

3.Control circuit voltage:DC12v

3.Massage pump(750w):1pc

4.Water pump power:750w

4.Threepiece suit faucet:1set

5.Wate fall:1pc

6.Hand shower:1set

7.Drainage device:1set

8.Underwater color light:1pc

9.Big jet:6pcs

10.size :170*90*58cm


1.  Bathtub with no permanent corrosion or deformation.

2. The cutting plane without exist stratification or cutting burr.

2. Crack,damage and peel are not allowed.

3. The drain horse with no leakage.

4. The surface of bathtub is smooth with uniform colour,bottom shelf is strong and solid.


1. With high quality  performance of the solid insulating material.

2. Electrical equipment is conformed to the national safety standards.

3. Isolation transformer and low voltage ensured safety.


1. Read the manual carefully before you use.

2. Hair dryer, electric razor and the other electric equipments,you should remember to keep them away from the bathtub and water.

3. If children want to use,must under the adults' supervision.

4. At last,wish you have a comfortable and cool bathe.


Made of acrylic

The bathtub has a textured, non-slip bottom design

Bathtub with integrated tile flange and bathtub skirt

The bathtub is designed for installation in three wall alcove

The left drain has a circular overflow