High-grade Hot Steam Shower Room

High-grade Hot Steam Shower Room
Product Details

Model: 90-3-1
Size: 900x900x2150mm
Shower feature:
5mm tempered panel glass with white painting
Aluminum frame with grey painting
White ABS bottom tray

1 shower bar
1.5m stailess steel double clip shower hose
1 hand shower
1 faucet
8 single wheels
Plastic magnentic strip
2 chormed handles
1 drain


The steam shower room has the functions of answering the phone, massaging, sterilizing, listening to the radio, etc., so that you have a place to relax when your work day is exhausted.

The shower room can divide the bathroom well, have a separate bathing space, and can also play a role in keeping warm, avoiding the influence between the bathroom and the bathroom.

Although the technology is very developed and has many advantages, it is necessary to pay special attention to the elderly and children who are inconvenient to move. They cannot use the steam room alone to avoid accidents.

The steam shower room has a good heat preservation effect, because the steam shower room is relatively small in area, the heat is not easily lost quickly, and the heat preservation performance is good, so there is no need to worry about the problem that the winter bath is too cold.