Simple Factory Price Shower Room

Simple Factory Price Shower Room
Product Details

Model: 6014BC-1
Size: 950x950x2150mm
Shower feature:
5mm tempered panel glass with colorful drawing
5mm tempered panel glass function panel
5mm tempered clear door glass
Aluminum frame with grey painting
White ABS bottom tray and ceiling

1 shower holder
1.5m stailess steel double clip shower hose
1 hand shower
1 glass shelf with 2 layers
1 mirror
1 foot massage
2 soap dispensers
1 computer control panel
1 transformer
3 big massage jets
1 faucet with 4 functions
8 single wheels
Aluminum magnetic strip
2 handles
1 drain
1 top shower
1 fan
1 light
1 loudspeaker


1. When purchasing a steam shower room, you can choose according to the steam engine and the computer control panel. This is the core component of the steam shower room. If the quality is not enough, it will be easy to use after a period of use, and it is very troublesome to replace or repair. Things, so it is best to choose a regular brand manufacturer to buy.

2. You can see the quality of the steam shower room plate, the current steam shower room plate is mainly acrylic, but it should be noted that if you choose dry steam room, it is not suitable to choose acrylic material, because the dry steam temperature is relatively high, acrylic material can not stand so high The temperature is easily deformed.

3. According to the size of the bathroom to choose the steam shower room, the smallest steam shower room on the market can meet the use of 4-5 square meters of bathroom space, so that you can make full use of the bathroom space, so that the health space looks neat and generous.